Have you ever joined a testnet which you know airdrops are a sure thing? If not, join Sei Network, as they promised to airdrop all users who join their testnet phase.

Overview of Sei Network

Sei is a Layer 1 blockchain built on Cosmos SDK and Tendermint Core dedicated to specialized areas for transactions, optimizing and benefiting exchanges within the network to provide the best user experience.

Sei Network’s home page:

Sei Network has successfully raised 5 million USD from large funds such as Multicoin Capital, Coinbase Ventures, Delphi Digital, etc. Moreover, the project has announced that it will reserve 1% of the tokens for users who join and experience the Sei network testnet. Therefore, it is high time we joined the Sei Network testnet.

Preparations for the Sei Network testnet

Install the Coin98 Extension Wallet

Go to to install the Coin98 Extension Wallet.

The detailed instructions on installing and using the Coin98 Extension Wallet can be found in this article: How to use Coin98 Extension Wallet

Then, activate the Sei network and create a Sei wallet.

Use the Faucet for Sei Network assets

To get UST2 and SEI for experiencing the network, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to the Faucet feature on the Coin98 Extension Wallet, then choose the Sei Testnet network.

Step 2: Log in to Discord, verify yourself and go to the “atlantic-1-faucet” channel.

Step 3: Insert the following commands:

  • faucet! ust2 Sei wallet address” to receive testnet UST2.
  • faucet! ethereum wallet address” to receive testnet aUSDC on the Ethereum Testnet network.

How to join the Sei network testnet

Sei Network is currently having missions in the ACT4 TESTNET phase, mostly experiencing trading on the network through Vortex.

Step 1: Go to the Vortex home page and connect the wallet.

Step 2: Choose Deposit and insert the amount of UST2 you’d like to deposit into the platform. Then click Deposit.

Step 3: Go to the Trade section and trade as you normally would on CEXs. Choose either the Limit or Market order, insert the preferred amount of ATOM and click Confirm. Note: Only successful transactions are qualified for missions.

After each mission, remember to save the transaction hash and screenshot for the next step. These missions include:

Mission 1: Complete one Limit order.

Mission 2: Complete five Limit orders.

Mission 3: Complete one Market order.

Mission 4: Complete five Market orders.

Mission 5: Have one liquidated order. It is recommended to set high leverage to get liquidated as quickly as possible.

Mission 6: Get 100 individuals to interact with your smart contract. This is for those who run nodes.

Mission 7: Invite friends to register on the Sei network. This can be completed simply by creating another wallet and filling in the form attached below.

Mission 8: Get one friend whom you invited to invite their friends.

Step 4: After completing each mission, fill in this Google Form.


  • For each mission, you need to fill in the basic information, the wallet address and submit the screenshot.
  • You can upload all screenshots to Google Drive, grant access to “Anyone with the link” and submit the link through the form.
  • The last 3 questions in the form are for those who complete Mission 8.


Sei is one of the rare blockchains that announce their airdrop program for users, therefore, the number of participants will be huge. Make sure you complete all requirements and be active on their Discord channel to not miss out on any opportunities in the future.


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