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The Future Plan of Contentos Post 5-Year Mainnet Journey

Contentos celebrated its 5th anniversary of operations on September 24th, marking the occasion when the first block was produced on their mainnet.
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Published Nov 03 2023
Updated Mar 10 2024
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Through this, the project highlighted significant achievements in its development journey, showcasing core values and successes in markets like Vietnam, Turkey, Brazil, and more.

Additionally, Contentos provided essential updates on its upcoming development plans and strategies.

Contentos 5-year Journey

Contentos Development Process

Blockchain Contentos has undergone through a remarkable 5-year development journey, simultaneously attracting users from various markets around the world.

contentos development process
The remarkable milestones in the development of Contentos.

In 2018, the Contentos blockchain received an investment from Binance Labs. At the same time, the project launched its mainnet, enabling the storage of uploaded videos and user interactions.

From 2019 to 2020, Contentos officially introduced content monetization on its video platform, COS.TV, which is directly integrated with the Contentos blockchain. COS.TV specializes in video content and collaborates with many famous brands such as DJI, OKX, and Block Crafters.

Additionally, the project also invested in the Honey Finance project and held HONEY event to borrow VEST tokens (details here). In this context:

COS serves as the native token on the Contentos blockchain.
VEST is the token utilized within the COS.TV application.
Users have the flexibility to convert COS and VEST tokens at a 1:1 exchange rate.
thanksgiving bonus contentos
The hold HONEY event allows for borrowing VEST tokens, marking the cooperation between Contentos and Honey Finance.

In 2021, Contentos launched the COS.TV Video NFT collection on OpenSea. The video NFT collection represents ownership of videos on the COS.TV platform. At the same time, the COS/TRY trading pair was listed on Binance Turkey (Binance TR), with TRY being the currency of Turkey.

Moving on to 2022, Contentos announced the launch of COS.SPACE, a platform designed to host global exhibitions for the Metaverse, including events like Consensus 2023, KOL creators in Brazil, Vietnam Blockchain Communities, and Manga Comic Con 2023 in Vietnam.

The year 2023 marks the 5-year milestone since the first block production of the Contentos mainnet.

Furthermore, This year also showcases the active engagement of COS.TV, as the project consistently collaborates and supports major government-related events, such as the Marvels HCMC 2023 Blockchain Summit and the Global Web3 Job Fair.

Some figures about Contentos

Contentos statistics reveal that, from the start of 2023 until September 22, 2023:

Over 3.38 million new users registered on COS.TV.
Approximately 2,068 members participated in DAO for content evaluation on COS.TV, achieving a remarkable 98.13% content quality assessment score.
A total of 7,958,470 Gifting Votes were given by users to creators on the platform.
Contentos mainnet saw a total of 755,481,357 COS tokens staked.
some figures about contentos
Impressive numbers of the Contentos project have been achieved since the beginning of 2023.

Announcements regarding rewards in the Contentos Ecosystem

The Contentos project has released updates on ecosystem rewards, which are as follows:

Block Producers (BPs): The total rewards allocated to Block Producers will see a 13% increase compared to the previous year, totaling 116 million COS (VEST).
Content Creators: The overall rewards designated for creators and their video content will be enhanced by 25% compared to the previous year, amounting to 134 million COS (VEST).

These increments reflect the Contentos project team's acknowledgment of the contributions and value generated by block producers and content creators within the platform. Simultaneously, they aim to stimulate active engagement from both sides to foster the growth of the ecosystem.

Contentos development plans & strategies

As outlined by the Contentos team, the project's development priorities in the foreseeable future encompass the following areas:

Empowering the AI Content Creation Community: Contentos is setting its sights on the realms of SocialFi (decentralized social network) and AI (artificial intelligence) for its next developmental phase. Currently, Contentos hosts AI-related initiatives on COS.TV, such as the AI Film Festival and AI Content Reward Program. You can explore Contentos' AI-centric roadmap for more details.
Active Participation in Offline Events in Vietnam: The project is committed to actively engaging in offline events within Vietnam.
Focus on shifting Users to Web3: Contentos keeps organizing programs, events, and content to educate and disseminate knowledge and experiences about Web3 to Web2 users. This educational effort also involves ensuring compliance with evolving legal frameworks.
Enhancing COS.TV: Keeps updating and developing COS.TV, introducing new SocialFi features to benefit users.
Venturing into the Metaverse and Organizing Exhibitions: Contentos aims to provide valuable services for creators, businesses, communities, and expand the number of exhibitions hosted through COS.SPACE.

Contentos: Focus on AI, SocialFi & Web3 Content Creation

Towards the end of 2021, the emergence of the Metaverse trend sparked a seismic shift, with notable developments like Facebook reorienting itself as a "Metaverse company" and Epic Games raising 1 billion USD in pursuit of transforming Fortnite into a Metaverse. This phenomenon reverberated throughout the crypto market, prompting several projects to realign their visions towards the Metaverse, and Contentos was no exception.

In December 2021, Contentos unveiled the COS-Verse Roadmap, featuring four development stages: COS-Land, COS-Home, COS-World, and COS-Verse. Notably, COS-Land NFTs became available for whitelist sale on COS-SPACE for COS token holders, while the other products remain in the stages of construction and development.

contentos products
Contentos products.

The year 2022 brought worldwide fascination with the advent of ChatGPT and the boundless potential of artificial intelligence (AI). This played a pivotal role in aiding Contentos in grasping the concept of "AI liberating human performance" and understanding the growth prospects of AI in blockchain applications.

When asked about Contentos's perspective on the potential of AI in the Web3 content creation ecosystem, the project emphasized that the concurrent development of AI and Web3 content creation isn't just a possibility; it's an imperative.

We firmly believe that the simultaneous development of AI and Web3 content creation is not only a possibility, but also a necessity.

In 2023, the project dedicated substantial efforts to leverage OpenAI's model and explore solutions to bridge the gap for users, making it easier to create high-quality content.

Alongside COS-Verse, the Contentos AI Roadmap represents a pivotal aspect of this exploratory journey. The development of AI is poised to enhance human performance in content creation, while blockchain development facilitates transformative and automated reward distribution.

Specifically, Contentos optimized the platform's advertising mechanism, harnessed AI to identify high-quality content, improved the platform's interface visibility, and offered advertising services to creators. Additionally, the project collaborated with European developers to establish a language-based search test site powered by COS.TV AI.

contentos costv
COS.TV: Platform for Web3 content creators.

Contentos is currently working on implementing SocialFi mechanisms on their platform, with the testing phase of COS.TV's SocialFi feature nearing completion, setting the stage for Vietnamese creators and users to be among the first to experience this innovation.

Previously, the project consistently organized and engaged in events to attract new users while maintaining an active presence within the community. Vietnam stood out as the country with the most engaged and contributing users on the Contentos platform, followed by Turkey, the United States, and Central and South America, particularly Brazil.

Contentos also shared their insights regarding the persistent challenges in the content industry and the future they envision.

We firmly believe that the content industry is at the forefront of revolutionizing innovation, driven by advances in network software technology, expanding network infrastructure, and widespread adoption across devices.

Platforms like YouTube, Spotify, Netflix, and TikTok have left a lasting impact in the 2.0 era, but they are also grappling with challenges such as content overload, time constraints, uneven benefit distribution, and escalating costs.

The Contentos team recognizes that blockchain and AI offer an ideal environment to foster innovation and address these challenges. The project is fully prepared to embark on a transformative journey with its community to reshape the future of the content industry in this context.

This is an article from the #BrandVoice series, bringing blockchain projects closer to readers. The information provided is for reference purposes at the time of writing. All investment activities in the blockchain field are considered high risk, high return.