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Authy Review: What is Authy & How to use it for 2FA

What is Authy? How does Authy work? What is the difference between Authy vs Google Authenticator? Let's discover through this Authy Review article!
Published May 17 2020
Updated Oct 12 2023
7 min read

Security is an issue that you need to pay attention to, when almost all personal information associated with your property is being stored on the internet.

Especially, if you step into the crypto market, you will certainly be familiar with with two-factor authentication (2FA) applications like Google Authenticator or Authy.

In this article, Coin98 will explain and guide you how to install and use Authy and some solutions when you lose your password or need to restore Authy. 

What is Authy?

Authy (or Twilio’s Authy) is a free two-factor authentication app (or 2FA app) that allows anyone to leverage improved security using their cell phone. Authy is a direct competitor to Google Authenticator. If you are a Crypto user, Authy can be seen as a must-have item for you.

what is authy 1
Authy - One App for all your Accounts

How does Authy work?

Authy allows you to backup your two-factor authentication codes to the cloud and to other devices, which are secured with a password you provide. You may then restore that backup to a new phone, or if your phone isn't handy, you can create codes on your computer or tablet instead. 

Authy is compatible with Google Authenticator. When a website asks you to scan a QR code using Google Authenticator to enable two-factor authentication, you may also scan the same code in Authy. 

Authy review 2022

Who uses Authy?

Lots of big companies and enterprises are currently using Authy for security issues. Some notable name are: Twitch, Coinbase, platform-stack, DuckDuckGo, Kaidee, Zscaler, Samsviran, DNSFilter.

Is Authy safe and secure?

When using Authy, you can quickly set Touch ID, PIN protection, and passwords to secure access to all of your 2FA tokens in the app. Backups may be enabled, and a password can be configured to decrypt data on your device. Your decrypted data is never stored in the cloud by Authy.

Because Authy is saved in the cloud, you will never be locked out if your phone is lost.

Is Authy free?

Authy is free to install and use for end users that want to protect their online logins and accounts. 

If you're a developer wanting to use Authy for two-factor authentication in your project, you'll notice that their fees are exclusively dependent on successful authentications and delivery costs. 

Ease of use?

Authy is swell , simple, easy to use and free. Authy has one important benefit over, for example, the Microsoft and LastPass authenticator apps: Authy can be used on any site that accepts Google Authenticator.

Authy Download

Authy App for Mobile

1. Authy on Android

Step 1: Download it in the GooglePlay store.

Step 2: Setup your account.

what is authy 2

Step 3: Confirm your information.

what is authy 3

Step 4: Choose your backup password.

what is authy 4

Step 5: Finish by adding your account by QR Code.

what is authy 5

2. Authy on IOS

Step 1: Download Authy from the App Store.

what is authy 7

Step 2: Set up your account as guided above.

Authy on Desktop

*Important note: QR code scanning is not available in this version, but you can use accounts added from mobile apps.

Step 1: Download the appropriate version from the developer site and run the installation file. 

what is authy 8

Step 2: Enter your  country code and phone number, click Next.

what is authy 9

Step 3: Add your account through your mobile app.

what is authy 10

How to set up Authy and enable 2FA on your accounts


Profile →  Security → Two-factor Authentication → Google Authentication → Scan QR Code with Authy App.


Google will require you to set up SMS verification first. After that, you'll be given the choice to add an authenticator app.


Settings & Privacy → Security & Account Access → Security → Two-Factor Authentication.


Security and login settings → Edit (Below Use two-factor authentication) → Setup.


Settings → My Account → Enable Two-Factor Authentication.


Settings → Enable 2FA → Get Started → Setup → Enable Authy Token.


User Settings  → Privacy & Security → Two-Factor Authentication.

How to add and delete accounts on Authy

Add an account

When you need to enable Authy 2-factor authentication for any account, just open the app and select “Add Account”.

  • Select “Scan QR Code” to scan the code provided by the platform you have chosen.
  • If the code cannot be scanned (due to the setting operation on the same phone), you can choose to enter it manually by pressing “Enter key manually”.
  • Then, go back to your account and enter the 6-digit code created by Authy.
  • And the process of enabling Authy for a new account is complete!
what is authy 11

During the process of logging in / using accounts, when the platform asks to enter a 2-factor authentication code, you just need to go to the app, find the corresponding 6-digit code of that account and enter it. Note that this code is only valid for 30 seconds and is continuously renewed every 30 seconds.

Delete an account

  • To delete any Authy account, go to this site, then tick all 3 boxes.
  • Select “Start Deletion Process”, Click “Continue”.
  • Enter your country code and phone number to continue.
  • Do the next step as Authy requested and your account will be deleted permanently.

How to backup the Authy App

Use this backup feature in case you lose your phone. Authy will encrypt your data, and only decrypt on devices using a password only you know. To backup your account, follow this guide.

  • Open Authy, go to “Accounts
  • Enable Authenticator backup.

what is authy 12

Set your backups password. An important note that this password can not be recovered, so please keep it secure.


what is authy 3

How to transfer the Authy code to a new phone

With old phone (Multi-device)

The Multi-device feature may also be used to simply migrate tokens from one "trusted" device to another, such as when replacing an old smartphone with a new one, without having to reconfigure 2FA everywhere it's used. Simply follow the instructions below to sync a new device, and remember to deauthorize the old one before disposing it.

Accessing Authy 2FA from a second device takes just a few moments to set up, by following these step:

Step 1: Open the Authy app on your primary device. Click “Settings” (the gear icon at the top right corner) → Click“Devices” → Turn on “Allow Multi-device”.

Step 2: Now, on your second device, install Authy. 

Step 3: Once installed, open the Authy app. When prompted, enter the phone number of your primary device → A popup will appear reading “Get Account Verification Via”. → Select “Use Existing Device”.

Step 4: Go back to your primary device. A notification will ask you to verify the addition of the new device → Choose “Accept.\” → When prompted to approve this decision, type “OK” in the entry field.

Step 5: Return to “Settings” on your primary device and Select “Devices” again.

You will now see two “trusted” devices connected to any current (and future) two-factor services you enable with Authy.

what is authy 13

Without old phone

Losing your phone with a 2FA account on it is such a pain, but Authy here has the solution to deal with this problem. An important note is that you still have to have access to your phone numbers to perform these steps.

Go to this site from Authy, enter your country and phone number, select “Recover”.

Some notes taken directly from the Authy Website:

  • Recovery requests take 24 hours to review to protect your account.
  • Any existing Authy apps will no longer work, but you will be able to install a new one.
  • This recovery process will retain all backed up 2FA accounts. But if you had added a token to Authy, and didn't back it up, it would be lost.
what is authy 14

How to reset Authy

Authy allows you to use it on multiple devices at the same time.

Just use your Authy registered phone number to log in and get Authy back on your new device, then enter your recovery password to decrypt.

All linked accounts will be restored. You don't need to manually restore the codes one by one.

Some Authy alternatives

Google Authenticator

Google Authenticator (2FA) is an authentication application by Google. Google Authenticator, like Authy, generates a time-dependent six-digit code, which you enter after submitting your username and password. But Authy has some advantages compared to Google Authenticator such as multi-devices or encrypted recovery backups.

Learn more: How to use Google Authenticator

what is authy 15

Microsoft Authenticator

Microsoft Authenticator is a two-factor authentication program from Microsoft. Microsoft Authenticator can be used with Microsoft products or any sites or apps that utilize two-factor authentication that has a time-based, one-time passcode (TOTP or OTP). 

Learn more: How to use Microsoft Authenticator

what is authy 16


Launched in 2008, LastPass is a veteran among cybersecurity tools. LastPass has features to offer that cover all essential password manager’s needs. It lets you keep usernames, passwords, and other sensitive data well protected. 

Learn more: How to use LastPass

what is authy 16


Yubikey is a different way to secure your date. Yubikey’s Yubico is hardware multifactor. Providing all the security of competing systems, but they do so without moving parts, batteries, or an internet connection.

Learn more: How to use Yubikey

what is authy 17


Okta is a platform in the Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) category, which means that it gives you and others access to all other (company) software with one login. Okta is available on computers, laptops, mobile phones, or tablets, allowing users to access your applications anytime and anywhere. 

Learn more: How to use Okta

what is authy 18


In my opinion, when compared to Google Authenticator, Authy is an easy-to-use application with a user-friendly design, and most importantly, it can restore all linked accounts by phone number.

A 2-factor authentication application is very important to ensure the safety of personal data, so you should consider choosing an application to use.