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zkSync 2.0 Testnet Guide To Get Potential Airdrops

zkSync is a Layer-2 blockchain that's going mainnet in the near future. So where are the chances for airdrop hunters? Let's find out in this article!
Published Oct 24 2022
Updated May 02 2024
3 min read

Overview of zkSync

zkSync is a Layer-2 scaling solution developed by Matter Labs, aimed at reducing costs, speeding up transactions and providing security on Ethereum using ZK Rollups technology.

The zkSync homepage:

On October 22, 2022, zkSync’s official Twitter account announced that the network will release zkSync 2.0 mainnet in 7 days. At the same time, the tokenomics section on the project's Docs site also mentions a future token release.

From these moves of the project, we can somewhat imagine a scenario similar to Optimism and Aptos. Therefore, it is high time we took advantage of interacting with zkSync before the snapshot happens.


Preparations for hunting airdrops on zkSync

Download and install the Metamask wallet

First, you need to download the MetaMask wallet.

Then, add the zkSync 2.0 testnet network to MetaMask by going to Settings → Add Network and filling in the following information:

  • Network Name: zkSync alpha testnet
  • New RPC URL:
  • Chain ID: 280
  • Currency Symbol: ETH
  • Block Explorer URL (Optional):

Deposit assets into the zkSync wallet

To join the testnet and hunt for airdrops on zkSync, you need to deposit about $20 into the zkSync wallet. Proceed as follows:

Step 1: Go to zkSync Wallet. Then, choose Ethereum Wallet → MetaMask to connect.


Step 2: Click Top up and choose a deposit method. We recommend using Bybit, since it’s simple and doesn’t cost too much.


Join the testnet and hunt for airdrops on zkSync

Swap on ZigZag Exchange

Once having assets on zkSync, you will be returned to the wallet homepage. There are many interacting options, but the most simple way - swapping assets - is a good place to start with.

Step 1: Click Swap. You will be redirected to ZigZag Exchange, and the wallet will automatically be connected.


Step 2: Select a trading pair, we’ll take ETH/USDC as an example. Then insert the trading amount.

Step 3: Click Sell if you want to Sell ETH. Repeat these steps with the Buy order.


It is recommended to make as many swaps as possible, at least 50 orders.

Note: Only insert a reasonable amount of assets per transaction to avoid running out of ETH.

Bridge on ZigZag Exchange

Bridging assets to Ethereum can also be performed on ZigZag Exchange by following these steps:

Step 1: Click the hamburger icon → Bridge.


Step 2: Choose the networks and the bridging asset. Wait for the system to update the available balance, then enter the bridging amount.

It is recommended to set the Withdraw speed to Normal to minimize the bridging fee.

Step 3: Click Transfer. Transactions with normal speed take around 7 hours to complete.


Transfer assets on zkSync

You can transfer assets on the zkSync wallet interface to increase the chance of getting airdropped.

Step 1: Click Transfer on the wallet interface.


Step 2: Choose Send. It is recommended to send assets to zkSync wallets to minimize gas fees.

Step 3: Insert the required information, including the receiving wallet address, the sending asset and the amount. Then click Send on zkSync.


Mint NFT

Step 1: Download and install the “IPFS-Desktop-Setup-0.24.0.exe” file through this link.


Step 2: Open IPFS, then go to Files. Click Import → File and choose an image for the NFT.


Step 3: Wait for the upload to complete, then click the hamburger icon next to the image → Copy CID.


Step 4: Go back to the NFT section on the zkSync wallet, click Mint NFT.

Paste the copied CID address into the box and click Mint NFT. The system will do the rest.


Note: It is recommended to mint as many NFTs as possible, at least 10, since the transaction fee is very small.

Donate on Gitcoin

Donating on Gitcoin is an effective way to show support to projects and may increase your chance of getting airdropped. You can donate to zkSync projects as follows:

Step 1: Go to Gitcoin’s homepage and create an account.

Connect your wallet, then choose Products → Grants → Explore Grants.


Step 2: Search for projects on zkSync to donate and select Add to cart.

The donations will be made with DAI, USDC, LINK, etc. You can get these assets through ZigZag Exchange as instructed above.

Step 3: Click the cart icon to view your Cart. Enter the amount of assets you want to contribute to each project, then click I'm Ready to Checkout.


Step 4: Click Proceed, then connect to the Metamask wallet with the zkSync network. You can review the list and the total amount to be paid on the left side of the screen, then click Complete payment.


Note: It is recommended to complete Gitcoin Passport to increase your account's credibility.


The zkSync mainnet is getting closer, therefore, now is the time to try and catch your opportunity.

If you know any other potential methods to hunt for airdrops on zkSync, please don’t hesitate to comment down below.