A new testnet event has recently been announced by Aura Network. How can you join Aura's Testnet? Is there a good likelihood of receiving a retroactive? The following article will answer all of your Aura Testnet-related questions!

Overview of Aura Network 

Aura Network is a Layer 1 NFT-centric blockchain, built to accelerate global NFTs adoption by the Internet of Blockchain. Aura Network allows users to mint and use NFT across different industries, participate in tracking or trading NFT, .. . 

Aura Serenity & Halo Testnet rewards

Aura Network has launched a community testnet - Serenity & Halo Testnet. Users will be able to access incentive reward opportunities or airdrops based on their transaction history. You can take part in experiencing Aura Network's features; I believe this is a great place for users to explore and evaluate the project ecosystem.

Although Aura has not announced the reward information at the time of writing this article, I encourage you to try the product in a positive mind, as not all testnets will airdrop, but who knows. In the future, Aura might have  retroactive airdrops for users.

Prepare before joining Aura Serenity & Halo Testnet

Installation instructions

You can access to install the Coin98 Extension Wallet.

For instructions on installing and using Coin98 Extension Wallet, you can refer to this guide here.

wallet extension

Create the Multi-chain Wallet

Step 1: Open the Coin98 Extension Wallet and insert your password. At the main interface, click Manage. Click Add Wallet.

‌Step 2: Select the Multi-chain iconCreate Wallet.

Step 3: Create a name for the wallet (name it something that you can remember or is convenient for later use). Click Next.

Step 4: Back up the Passphrase/Private key in a safe place.

Select Create Wallet.

Guide on how to join Aura Serentiny & Halo Testnet

Aura Serentiny Testnet 

After create your wallet, please use this script to access the Aura Serentiny Testnet. The system will request adding a new blockchain to Coin98 Extension, click Confirm.

Step 1: At the main interface, click the Manage icon →  choose active Serenity Testnet network. 

Step 2: Click the AURA token. Then choose Receive and copy the wallet address. 

  • To receive the AURA testnet token, you need to join Aura Discord. Click #pick-a-role channel and choose [🧪] for Testnet Contributor.
  • After that, access #serenity-faucet channel, insert "I love Aura" by Coin98 wallet address and click send. The order will be activated automatically, with 2 AURA transferred to the wallet address.

Note: Users must prepare a sufficient amount of test tokens for testnet activities in order to join the testnet. The faucet is free, but don't make too many requests or the faucet will be blocked. Besides, the test tokens that only contribute to the testnet don't have any value in the mainnet, and if you send these tokens to other networks, you will lose the tokens forever.

Step 3: Go to and connect your Coin98 wallet to the AuraScan (Serenity Testnet).

Step 4: Stake the AURA token into a validator (please consider validators carefully before choosing) or try to authorize, adjust (select) arbitrary validators for this part.

Step 5: AURA stakers will be able to vote on proposals using one of four options: Yes, No, NoWithVeto, or Abstain (You can change votes).

Halo Testnet 

After requesting AURA from the Faucet, you can participate in the Aura Network ecosystem through activities such as:

Option 1: Access the node and run the Aura nodes. Users can hack Aura by running their own nodes.

Option 2: Create a Validator by adding a wallet key to use as a mnemonic, or create a new key and send the AURA to that address. Please kindly check the details here.

Option 3: Keep your Validator safe. Please kindly check the details here.

Option 4: Check the Aura network information with AuraScan, which displays transactions, bonded tokens, validators, and the number of blocks,...


We hope the information above will assist you in experiencing the Halo Testnet on Aura Network. There may be system errors during the test; in such cases, wait for a few minutes and reload the page to continue.


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