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ZetaChain Testnet Guide For Potential Airdrops

ZetaChain is a new blockchain that is getting attention for the testnet experiencing program with reward points. So, what are the chances of airdrop in the future? Let’s find out in this article.
Published Nov 06 2022
Updated May 05 2023
4 min read

Overview of ZetaChain

ZetaChain is a blockchain built on Cosmos SDK using the Proof of Stake consensus, connecting with other blockchain such as Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon… By using the Omnichain mechanism, developers can build odApps similar to dApps for single-chains like Ethereum or Polygon, while utilizing the aggregation ability of networks.

What is ZetaPoint?

ZetaPoint is the rewarding point for users when they complete missions on the network, specifically:

  • 250 Points: For each transaction your referral makes.
  • 1,000 Points: For each transaction you complete per day. The maximum points you may get is 1000/transaction/day.
  • 5,000 Points: For each referral (that connects the wallet and verifies social media accounts) through the invitation link.
  • 10,000++ Points: For each error you find when conducting transactions on ZetaChain. The amount of points is based on the type of error.

ZetaPoint is the benchmark for the assessment and recognition of users’ contribution on the ZetaChain testnet. This might be one of the keys to receiving airdrops from the network.

Preparations for joining the ZetaChain testnet

Download and install MetaMask

First and foremost, you need to download Metamask.

Testnet networks will automatically be added when you interact with certain assets. Besides, we need to add the Polygon blockchain to get ZetaChain NFTs on Galxe with the following information:

  • Network Name: Polygon
  • New RPC URL:
  • ChainID: 137
  • Symbol: MATIC
  • Block Explorer URL:

Details at: How to add Polygon to Metamask

Connect the wallet and access ZETA testnet

To join the ZetaChain testnet you need to set up a ZetaChain wallet account as follows:

Step 1: Go to ZetaLabs' website and select Connect Wallet → MetaMask

Step 2: Select Get Zeta to get testnet ZETA. Priorly, you have to connect your Twitter and Discord accounts to verify you are not a bot.

Step 3: Select Request Access to get testnet ZETA and gas on respective networks.

Aside from that, you can also faucet with the command “Zeta faucet drip + wallet address” on the “zeta-faucet” channel of ZetaChain.

Use the faucet for assets on Goerli testnet, BNB testnet

Besides Zeta testnet, if you need more ETH or BNB on certain websites for gas fee when making transactions, faucets can be found on the following websites:

Connect and set up a wallet account on Galxe

There will be NFTs as certifications for users who interact with ZetaChain testnet, you can mint these NFTs as certificates for completing missions. At the time, there are 3 missions awaiting on Galxe. 

Before minting NFTs and doing missions, you need to set up a wallet account by following these steps:

Step 1: Access Galxe’s home page. Then, click Connect Wallet → MetaMask to connect the wallet.

Step 2: Click the profile picture at the right corner Settings Social Link.

Step 3: In the Social Link section, connect your Discord and Twitter accounts to be eligible for minting NFTs. These 2 accounts will also be used to interact with missions on the ZetaChain testnet.

ZetaChain testnet guide

Swap on ZetaChain testnet

The Swap feature will earn you 1000 ZETA Points every 24 hours. This is an extremely simple way to earn Points that you should take advantage of. 

Step 1: Go to the Swap section.

Step 2: Choose the network, the assets and the amount of assets. It is recommended to trade with ZETA tokens (at least 3) and choose different destination chains for each transaction.

Step 3: Approve ZETA and click Review Order.

Check the information and click Swap.

Note: Remember to take screenshots of the completed transactions and submit them to the “testnet feedback” channel of ZetaChain on Discord, including your wallet address.

Transactions might take a while to complete, hence you should make the most of your time and complete other missions as shown below.

Create an invitation link and refer friends

Sharing the invitation link to invite friends to the network can help you increase your points. For each referral that connects the wallet and completes their first transaction, you’ll receive 5,000 ZETA Points. In addition, you’ll earn 250 ZETA Points for each transaction they make daily.

Step 1: At the ZetaLabs homepage, choose Earn ZETA Points.

Step 2: Click Share on Twitter if you want to share the link to social media, or Copy Link to send it privately to those you’re inviting to the ZetaChain Testnet.

Receive NFTs on Galxe

After completing the above missions, you can earn ZetaChain’s NFT and OAT on Galxe through the following links:

  • ZETA Supporter OAT here.
  • Omnichain ZETA-USDT Swap NFT here.
  • Omnichain ZETA gETH-ZETA Swap NFT here.

After receiving ZetaChain’s NFT and OAT, you can connect your wallet with Guild.xzy via this link to receive 2 roles on their Discord server.


The testnet missions on ZetaChain are still simple, however, they require a great amount of patience and daily repetition to accumulate a certain amount of points. Therefore, it is recommended to spend some time with the testnet in order to increase your chances of receiving their airdrops in the future.