This summer, Optimism has conducted a large OP airdrop for its early adopters, but that was only 1/4 of the total rewards reserved for the community. So where is our chance to take a bite out of the rest? Let's find out in this article!

Optimism is a layer 2 blockchain using Optimistic Rollups technology, built to reduce gas fee and increase transaction speed. It aims to provide a smoother user experience while maintaining security inherited from Ethereum.

In June 2022, Optimism had a huge airdrop event for users who interacted and traded on the network. According to the project, this event only accounted for 5%, which means that there’s still around 14% of the tokens reserved for future airdrops.

What are Optimism Quests?

Optimism Quests are a series of 18 tasks released by Optimism at the end of September, with the deadline set for January 18, 2023. Optimism Quests guide users through projects on the network with a variety of different features, such as swap, lending, staking, etc., providing a smoother journey in the ecosystem.

Basic tasks in the Optimism Quest

Unlike performing basic tasks when the project is still in its infancy stage, the tasks in Optimism Quests require users to spend between $20 and $1,000 worth of assets to complete. Due to the minimum amount required to complete each task, it is possible that this is Optimsm’s method to pick out real users of the network for the rewards.

Preparations for Optimism Quests

Install the Coin98 Extension Wallet

First, you need to download and install the Coin98 Extension Wallet via

The full guide to installing the extension can be found here.

After installing the extension, you need to create an Optimism wallet and prepare at least $150 - $200 worth of ETH for the tasks.

Connect the wallet and set up an account on Galxe

For each completed task, users may mint an NFT as a certification of completion. This means the total number of NFTs a user can mint on Galxe is 18. Before minting, you need to set up an account by following these steps:

Step 1: Go to the Galxe homepage at

Click Connect Wallet → MetaMask to start connecting.

optimism quest galxe

Step 2: Click the profile picture on the right corner of the Settings screen → Social Link.

Step 3: At the Social Link section, you need to connect both Discord and Twitter accounts to mint NFTs. These two accounts will also be used to complete tasks in Optimism Quest.

Types of tasks in Optimism Quests

To connect with Optimism Quests, visit this link and click Connect Wallet. Make sure the network of the wallet is set to Optimism.

The tasks are divided into three levels, including:

  • New to Optimism: The tasks have only one requirement and are fairly simple.
  • Dive deeper into Optimism (For advanced users): These tasks usually contain 3 to 5 requirements, with more complex interactions and assets to spend.
  • Master options, perps, and more: Despite the name, the creator personally considers these tasks to be quite similar to the previous level. However, the required amount of assets is usually over $100.

In addition to the above levels, the tasks will also be divided into categories such as: waiting for approval, NFT able to claim immediately and tasks lasting for days or months.

How to complete New to Optimism tasks

The first step to all tasks is Test your knowledge about the project.

These tests are relatively simple and are completed by choosing the correct answers.

Therefore, the tests will not be included in this tutorial. However, this step is mandatory before going into the main tasks.


You need a small amount of assets to interact with the network. Therefore, the first task for the Stargate project will be bridging at least 100 USDC from another network to Optimism or vice versa.

Step 1: Visit the Stargate homepage and connect the Optimism wallet.

Step 2: Select USDC as the moving asset on both ends, and choose the starting and destination networks. One of them must be Optimism.

Step 3: Enter the amount of tokens to bridge, at least 100 USDC. Click Approve → Bridge.

Step 4: At the task interface, click Get NFT to be redirected to Galxe. You can mint the NFT here after completing the task.

Example of an incomplete task


  • One of the bridging ends must be Optimism.
  • Add 1 or 2 more USDC to the minimum bridging balance so that the receiving amount on the other end is at least 100 USDC.
  • Prepare gas fee on both ends before starting the task.


The second task in this level is to deposit min. 20 USDC on the Optimism network into PoolTogether and keep it there for at least three days.

Step 1: Visit PoolTogether's homepage and connect your wallet.

Step 2: Choose the asset and enter the amount, at least 20 USDC.

Step 3: Click Review deposit to check the transaction. Then click Confirm deposit to add USDC into the pool.

You can check the amount of deposited assets in the Account section.

Step 4: After three days, check your eligibility on Galxe by clicking Get NFT at the task interface. After claiming the NFT, you may withdraw the assets as preferred.

Note: The USDC deposited must be kept in the pool for 3 consecutive days to complete the task.


Uniswap is a popular name among the community with its coin/token swap feature. The task requires making 2 swaps, each of at least $20 to complete.

Step 1: Visit Uniswap's homepage and connect your wallet.

Step 2: Select the converting asset and insert the amount, at least $20 in total value.

Step 3: Click Swap → Confirm Swap. Then repeat step 2 & 3 one more time to complete the task.

Step 4: At the task interface, click Get NFT to be redirected to Galxe. You can mint the NFT here after completing the task.


Quix is an NFT Marketplace on the Optimism network. The project requires following its Twitter account and buying an NFT worth over 0.0099 ETH.

Step 1: Visit Quix and connect your wallet.

Step 2: Choose the collection containing your preferred NFT. Its value must be over 0.0099 ETH.

Step 3: Click the chosen NFT and click Buy Now.

Step 4: At the task interface, click Get NFT to be redirected to Galxe. You can mint the NFT here after completing the task.


  • Quix's task review time can last a few hours, you need to check your eligibility on Galxe before reselling the NFT.
  • You may use two wallets to buy back and forth to complete the task.

How to complete Dive deeper into Optimism tasks


How to complete Master options tasks



The opportunities on the Optimism network are endless, therefore, keep trying and see if you’re one of the lucky ones.

The next parts of the article will be updated as soon as possible in the coming days. Stay tuned!


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