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How to transfer tokens to Solana Blockchain simply

If you want to transfer tokens to Solana but don't know how to go about it, this article is for you.
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Published Oct 16 2021
Updated May 17 2024
transfer tokens to solana

Prepare for transfering tokens to Solana

solana coin98 wallet

Prepare tokens

Since nearly all CEXs currently support SOL, you have complete freedom to choose where to make your SOL purchase(s). The most popular Solana-supported exchanges include Binance, Huobi,, KuCoin, and many more.

In the following section, I'll go into greater detail about which exchange you should use to purchase SOL.

Prepare your SPL wallet to store tokens

It is necessary to have a non-custodial wallet after you buy tokens on CEX to store tokens and interact with DeFi. At this time, many different wallets, including the Coin98 Super Wallet, can store SOL coins.

First, you should have an Solana Wallet to store your SOL, this article will be usefull for you: How to create & use Solana Wallet

Following these simple steps, you can store SOL and other SPL tokens.

Step 1: Click on a Solana wallet on the main screen.
Step 2: Select "Receive".
Step 3: Copy the wallet address or scan the QR code address and send your assets to this address
get solana wallet address
How to get a Solana wallet address on Coin98 Super App

Transfer tokens from other Blockchains to Solana Blockchain (SPL)

After buying SOL and having a Solana wallet (SPL), you can participate in events or skin in the game in the Solana Ecosystem, such as joining lending, yield farming or staking activities on this chain.

Option 1: Buy tokens on CEXs & withdraw to a SPL Wallet

Transfer and withdrawal fees will vary depending on the exchange. If you want to transfer your assets, you should pick the CEX that is most convenient for you to use. I'll recommend a few exchanges here, such as Binance, KuCoin, Huobi, Gate, etc.

To begin, you'll need USDT or USDC stablecoins in order to purchase SOL. US dollars (USD) or other currencies in your country can be used to buy USDT if you don't have stablecoin yet.

buy usdt through p2p
How to buy USDT through P2P

Step 1: Login to the Binance Mobile App. I recommend reading this "How to use Binance'' article

Step 2: Choose “P2P Trading” in your Binance Homepage

Step 3: In this step, you will see:

Number 2 indicates which fiat currency you have now to buy USDT.
Number 3 indicates which token you want to buy (e.g. USDT, BTC, BUSD, etc.).
Number 4 displays a list of sellers who will sell you USDT in exchange for your fiat currency.

After you've decided on your preferred sellers, simply follow the Binance instructions to complete the transaction (Remember to read the instructions carefully).

buy and withdraw sol
Buy and Withdraw SOL to your wallet address

Now that you have USDT, you can purchase SOL from any exchange, such as Binance, Kucoin, Gate, etc. and transfer the tokens to the Coin98 Wallet by doing as follows:

Step 1: On Binance exchange, use USDT to purchase SOL.

Step 2: Transfer SOL to the Solana wallet by typing in your Coin98 wallet address.

Option 2: Use Cross-chain Bridges to transfer tokens to SPL Tokens

For Solana blockchain, there are currently two most prominent cross-chain bridges that support transfer tokens back and forth to Solana. You are free to select any bridge that makes you feel at ease.

1. Allbridge

Allbridge provides an easy and reliable way to transfer assets between different blockchains. It acts as the bridge between EVM and non-EVM chains. Allbridge supports up to 13 chains and more to be announced in the future

allbridge interface
Allbridge Website:

The mission of Allbridge is to remove any borders among different blockchains, which maximizes the capital efficiency in the DeFi ecosystem. Therefore, if you need to move assets from any network to the Solana blockchain, Allbridge is a good option.

2. Coin98 Super Wallet SpaceGate

The Coin98 Super App currently supports cross-chain bridges with popular blockchains such as Ethereum (ETH & ERC20), Solana (SOL & SPL), Avalanche (C-chain & X-chain), Boba Network, Arbitrum (Ethereum's L2), Optimism, C98 on BNB Chain, and Tomo Chain.

coin98 spacegate
Coin98 Space Gate

Add tokens to the Coin98 Super Wallet

Because SOL is the native token of the Solana blockchain, it will be displayed by default in multi-chain wallets. If you need to add a new token to this multichain wallet, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: On the homepage, select MoreCustom Tokens. 

add token to coin98 wallet
How to add custom tokens to Coin98 Super App

Step 2: Fill in the following information:

Select Blockchain.
Enter the token's Contract Address.
Token symbols.
Token name

You can check this information on block explorers.

Users only need to select Blockchain and enter the Contract Address of the token they want to add to the wallet. The remaining data will be automatically updated after users enter the correct contract address.

In case the system fails to extract the data, you can manually fill in the remaining data into the required cells.

Select “Create” and you're done.

add token to coin98 wallet
Filling in other required information

Transfer Solana tokens (SPL) from the Coin98 Super Wallet

To transfer tokens from a decentralized wallet to another, follow these simple steps. I'll show you how to transfer SOL from your mobile wallet.

Step 1: Click a Solana wallet.

Step 2: Choose Send.

Step 3: Select the token, the number of tokens you want to send & the wallet address to send to. Adjust the Gas fee slider to suit your needs → Slide the Send bar to confirm.

transfer token to solana
How to send SOL to another decentralized wallet address

In addition, you can also click Send on the main interface, then select the Solana wallet you want to send from.


The gas fee for each transaction is paid with SOL, approximately 0.000126 SOL
The default gas fee on the Coin98 Super App has been set at the standard rate that offers the most optimized speed at a reasonable cost.

Skin in the game with Solana blockchain

After transferring SOL to Solana Blockchain Network, you can skin in the game in Solana Ecosystem and earn interests.

solana overview
Solana Ecosystem (Source: Solanians)

Disclaimer: The information in this article is provided solely for informational purposes and should NOT be considered as investment advice. Investing in cryptocurrencies involves a high level of risk, and you should only invest what you are willing to lose.

Yield Farming

Farming is a method of providing liquidity for AMMs in order to receive rewards. Farming produces much higher profits than lending and staking, but there is a risk of impermanent loss.

Overview of AMMs on Solana (Source: Solanians)

You can also choose Yield Aggregators as they offer different strategies to find the best yields for farming/staking assets. This is one of the most important sectors in DeFi as it helps users gain a massive amount of profit, which is one of the main reasons why anyone would want to participate in DeFi.

Some notable Yield Agreggator projects on Solana include Sunny, Tulip Protocol, Quarry, etc.

Gaming & NFT

The NFT and gaming sectors are two of the important sectors on Solana. Star Atlas, SolPunks, Solible, and FARKT are just a few of the notable gaming and NFT booms that have helped Solana thrive in 2021.

In addition, there are numerous NFT game projects built on this platform, which indicates that the Solana system has potential traction to growth. Don't forget to follow the Solanians on Twitter if you're interested in the SOL ecosystem.

Solana Gaming Projects (Source: Solanians)

If you're interested in learning more about Solana blockchain and the investment opportunities it offers, I recommend checking out this article. Hopefully, this will be beneficial to you!


So far, I've shown you how to transfer coins to the Solana blockchain in order to skin in the game. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will have a better understanding of the DeFi market and find suitable ways to maximize your profits.