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Coin98 releases "Universe of Prophets" Game - Prophesy Bitcoin's movement

After the launch of the Universe of the Prophets, Coin98 has received a lot of positive feedback from users. Once again, thanks for the support of the prophets who have accompanied Coin98 so far. In order to increase the user experience with in-app games, Coin98 is currently pausing the Universe of Prophets and upgrading the system for improvements. Coin98 will update our prophets ASAP when the game restarts.
Published Mar 21 2022
Updated Sep 29 2023
4 min read

What is “Universe of Prophets”?

Universe of Prophets is a brand-new dapp, built on the Coin98 Super App that lets you try your ability to prophesy Bitcoin’s price in the universe and receive treasures.

To become a prophet, the Coin98 Universe citizens have to use 150 X points (also known as Tickets) to prophesy exactly where Bitcoin will be in the Universe at 08:00 PM (UTC+7).

The pool will be open for users to participate in Bitcoin price prediction from 10:00 PM (UTC+7) every day to 07:00 PM (UTC+7) the following day.

Bitcoin price and winners results will be announced from 08:00 - 10:00 PM (UTC+7) daily on Coin98 Super App.

You can access the Coin98 Super App daily, use Tickets and make prophecies. 

If one of your prophecies is correct, you will have the chance to receive unlimited treasure (more details below).

Start Date: 04/04/2022 

How to Participate “Universe of Prophets” Game

To play the game, you need to:

  • Open the Coin98 Super App, access the "Prophet Land" feature.
  • Choose to buy a “Ticket” (worth 150X/Ticket) to predict the closing price of Bitcoin based on the closing price of the candle taken by Binance Exchange.
  • The price you guess must include 1 decimal place.
  • Example of a valid answer: $39,999.9
  • You can use an additional 100 X points to buy Priority Tickets. Use case of a Priority Ticket:
    • When there are multiple participants with the same correct prediction, the person who has the Priority Ticket will be the winner.
    • When more than one person guesses correctly and has the Priority Ticket, the bigger prize will be awarded to the person with the Priority Ticket who predicted earlier.
  • Prediction will be closed at 7:00 PM (UTC+7) daily and reopened at 10:00 PM (UTC+7). At this point, you can submit a new prediction for the next day.
  • From 08:00 PM to 10:00 PM (UTC+7), the final result will be announced and the winner will officially be revealed.

Important Note: To participate in “Universe of the Prophets”, the prerequisite is that you need to have a minimum of 150 X points. Let's learn more about X points and collect X points now!

Learn more: What is X Point? How to receive X point

Prize Structure

The total prize pool will be refreshed daily and decided based on the total number of Tickets purchased during the day according to the table below. This example shows: the more Tickets, the higher the prize value.

The prize pool will be divided into 3 types of prizes, which are:

Diamond Solar

50% of the total prize pool is for people who predict the exact number of the Bitcoin price.

  • 40% of which will be rewarded to the winner.
  • 10% of which will go to the referrer of the winner.

If there’s no winner, it will accumulate for up to we have Diamond Solar winner and refresh after that.

Gold Earth

30% of the total prize pool will be given to 3 winners with the closest prediction of Bitcoin price. There are a total of 3 Gold Earth with different allocation (see table below). 

Example: BTC price at 08:00 PM (UTC+7) that day was 39,666.66.

  • A predicts 39,665.1
  • B predicts 39,667.1

⇒ B will be the winner as the predicted value is closer to 39,666.66.

Bronze Comet

20% of the pool will be equally distributed to lucky participants of the game. The number of winners will be determined based on the number of Tickets purchased.

*Only the Diamond Solar prize will be accumulated for up to there are Diamond Solar winner, the Gold Earth and Bronze Comet prizes will be refreshed daily

Terms and Conditions

  • All users are welcomed to participate in the event.
  • There is no limit to the number of Tickets each account can buy.
  • Coin98 will determine the winners based on the price of Bitcoin (BTC) on Binance at 08:00 PM (UTC+7) everyday.
  • The winner of each prize is the valid participant and the earliest predictor. For example, there are 2 people who correctly predict the BTC price to 1 decimal place, whoever predicts first will receive the Diamond Solar prize, the other person will receive the Gold Earth 1 prize.
  • Each Ticket is only valid for use up to there are Diamond Solar winner, after this period, the ticket you bought can no longer be used. 
  • The reward will be paid in C98 to the winner every Friday through the Coin98 Vault. For example: Friday, April 15 will be the day Coin98 sends rewards to the winners on April 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14.
  • Remember to update your prize-receiving wallet.
  • Any changes to the participation information after the prize distribution is completed will not be recorded.
  • All claims are counted as valid within 2 days after the winners of the categories are announced.
  • Coin98 reserves the right to modify the program rules or cancel the program at any time to ensure fairness.
  • All final decisions belong to the Coin98 team.

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