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Yuga Labs launches a Gaming-NFT project, many potential projects may airdrop

Welcome back to "On The Road", a series with the purpose of summarizing the week through Infographic images, to provide market insights in the most intuitive way for you.
Published May 24 2022
Updated Jun 01 2023
4 min read

Market overview for the week 19

Tokens that received the most attention from the market in the past week

In the ranking of the most searched tokens of the week, we can see obvious changes in the top positions. Standing on top are LUNA, UST and ANC. These are the 3 main names in Terra ecosystem. All 3 entered the top search on CoinGecko after Terra's unfortunate event, now the prices of all 3 tokens have fallen dramatically.

Besides, the move-to-earn trend is still very hot when both Step.App and STEPN tokens are searched a lot by users.

Notable events in week 19

Week 19 has been a remarkable week for the Crypto market. The first and most prominent is the Terra-UST event. After LUNA and UST dropped sharply, Terra decided to stop blockchain activities at block number 7603700. CEO Do Kwon soon after had had a detailed plan for Terra's future.

The tycoon of the tech market has made a big move in the NFTs sector. Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg has made Instagram the next social networking platform with NFT integration. This is a very important milestone for the NFT market in general and the crypto market in particular. With a positive move by Meta, the growth potential of the NFT market in the future is widevery open.

Source: Coin98 Insights

Highlights in DeFi Categories from the past week

NFT projects with the highest volume on OpenSea

OpenSea is a non-fungible token exchange (NFTs). OpenSea exchange will allows users to post, exchange and trade their NFT assets based on smart contracts in blockchain technology. OpenSea is also one of the first and largest NFT exchanges on the market.

The project with the largest transaction volume is Otherdeed. This is the latest product of Yuga Labs (creator of Bored Ape and Crypto Punks). Otherdeed currently has a floor price of $3.14 ETH with a 24-hour volume of 2,518 ETH, equivalent to more than $5 M. Besides Yuga Labs' huge projects, we also have Milady Maker with a volume of 750 ETH/24h. Milady Maker allows owners to join a secret Minecraft server with many other perks. 

Outstanding fundraising events

Although the market was continuously red in the past week, the fundraising market was still very active. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been successfully raised from major VCs.

The Chinese CEX exchange KuCoin has raised $150 M, with participation from Circle Ventures (USDC). Projects on NFT, Web 3 Gaming are attracting a large amount of money. In particular, there is the NFT Zora exchange, which received $50 M from Haun Ventures. Paradigm also led two large funding rounds forrom Co:Create and LootRush. Both of these projects are in the field of NFTs & Gaming.

Learn more: KuCoin raised $150 M Series B, a16z and Pradigm are really active

Source: Coin98 Insights

Tokenless protocol that may airdrop

Hunting for airdrops is a very good way to make a profit in the crypto market without spending any money. In turn, hunting for airdrops is quite time consuming and the possibility of getting tokens from the project is very low.

If you have missed many airdrops, here is a list for you. There are many potential projects and developments without tokens, such as. It can especially be mentioned like Burrow Cash from Near, Thetanuts Finance, Ondo Finance or Element.Fi.

Blockchain games that are most interested in by users

Leaving aside the recent volatility in the market for a moment, we will come to play-to-earn, a rather interesting method of making passive incomemoney from playing games.

At the top of the rankings by social signal, we have World of Ether. This is a recently launched PvP game on Ethereum with interesting gameplay and beautiful graphics. At the lower top are still familiar names like, Pegaxy, Crypto Citizen or Decentraland.

Source: Coin98 Insights

Highlights from ecosystems in the past week

Elrond Network is a Public Blockchain that focuses on the scalability, efficiency, security, and interoperability of Blockchain, while remaining decentralized.

Currently, Elrond's ecosystem is quite completed, for example Mair Exchange, a native AMM of Elrond with ATH TVL of $2.5 billion at the launching time. The number of projects being built on Elrond is also not small (Impossible Finance, Hypersign, Neuro Labs)

In the future, Elrond is a potential ecosystem with large backers such as Binance Labs, Brilliance Ventures, Woodstock Fund, Maven 11. Elrond also has great partners such as Huawei, Samsung, FTX, …


The above is all the remarkable information compiled by the Coin98 Insights team. If there are errors in information analytics or any other problems, I really hope you guys can comment. Thank you for spending time reading this article, and sSee you in the next episode of “On The Road”! The series of market summaries for the week will end here. Thank you so much for taking the time to read the article.