This article will give you clear instruction on how to participate in Coinmarketcap Earn C98 with up to 50,000 C98 Tokens Airdrop!

What is Coin98?

Coin98 is more than simply a crypto wallet; it is also a DeFi ecosystem designed to make it easier for users to access DeFi space. Coin98 offers a variety of solutions to meet the needs of brothers, ranging from trading to storage to maintenance.

Coin98 allows multi-chain activities and performs itself as the most outstanding and convenient protocol – which DeFi users do not necessarily have to have in-depth blockchain knowledge to join. 

Learn more about Coin98 Token: C98 Tokenomics

The Coin98 Ecosystem will include a variety of sectors that will work together to support and improve the development system (Coin98 Finance, Coin98 Labs, Coin98 Ventures, Coin98 Network, and Coin98 Token).

Coin98 main components: 

  • Coin98 Exchange: A multichain liquidity aggregator which supports multiple assets issued on different blockchains, such as Ethereum, BSC, Solana, Tron,…
  • Coin98 Wallet: A multi-chain wallet allows users to store, transfer and manage crypto assets on multiple blockchains. It supports more than 20 networks, including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Polygon, Avalanche, Terra, etc., on both Mobile (iOS and android) and Chrome Extension versions.
  • Coin98 Portfolio: Coin98 Portfolio is the 2nd product built by Coin98 Labs. It assists users in managing portfolio assets on different blockchains without requiring an Import Key. Coin98 Portfolio V1, at this point, allows users to track their wallets on the following chains: Solana, Ethereum, BSC, HECO, Avalanche C-Chain, Tron, TomoChain, Near, Polkadot, Kusama, Celo. To experience Coin98 Portfolio, visit here:
  • Coin98 Insights: A website focusing on giving deep insights on the market from basic to advanced. These articles will be the viewpoints, analyses, and projections of the Coin98 Researcher team. 

Other components under development:

  • Coin98 Launchpad: IDO platform - Empowers innovative crypto projects through fundraising activities.
  • Coin98 Markets: a data platform providing Blockchain on-chain analysis.
  • Coin98 Terminal (Utilities): DeFi Tools & Utilities – brings users and DeFi closer.
  • Coin98 Lend & Borrow: Coin98 Lending & Borrowing platform.
  • Coin98 Mega Farm: Farming Market on Coin98 Exchange.
  • Coin98 Staking: Supports users to staking multiple crypto assets.
  • Coin98 NFT Marketplace.
  • Coin98 Derivatives: includes Margin Trading, Future Trading, Options Trading, etc.

To better understand the vision of Coin98 Labs with the values that the team wants to bring to users through each of these products, you can refer to the Coin98 Ecosystem.

Conditions of participation & Rewards from Coin98

Conditions of participations

Duration: start from Dec 15th, 2021 to Dec 24th, 2021.

Before joining, you need to prepare:

  • Coinmarketcap account.
  • BSC Wallet Address (BEP-20) on Coin98 Wallet, if you do not have one, you can refer to the detailed instructions for creating a Coin98 wallet here.


  • Total prize: $100,000, equivalent with nearly 50,000 C98 token.
  • The list of winners will be randomly selected, including 10,000 slots, each winner will receive 5 C98.
  • Rewards will be distributed within 2 weeks after the event ends.

Instructions to join Coinmarketcap Coin98 - C98

Step 1: Enter the website & Click "Log in" then click "Join this Airdrop" to start.

Step 2: Following the instructions on the screen, a table of requirements will appear; you must follow the order and complete the following tasks.

To add C98 to your Coinmarketcap watchlist, click "Add to watchlist" under the first item.

Step 3: Visit the Coinmarketcap and Coin98 websites.

You track and accomplish the event's task by clicking on the associated box, which includes:

Follow the Coin98 project's Twitter account:

Join Coin98 group on Discord:

Join Coin98 group on Telegram:

Step 4: Fill in your personal details and the BSC wallet address (BEP20) on Coin98 Wallet.

After you've finished the preceding procedures, go to the empty box below and type in your BSC wallet address and other details.

To send information and confirm, click on the respective items below and then "Join Airdrop".

Note: After you've completed the instructions, go back to the homepage and look for the words "You've already participated in this airdrop" and then wait until the event's final day to find out the results.


Winners will be chosen at random and will receive a free airdrop as a prize. As soon as more information from the program becomes available, the list of winners will be updated. I hope you all take part and receive the results you're looking for.

Disclaimer: If you have alternative thoughts, you can contribute below the post or message to the admin on the Coin98 Community. The above responses are in my own opinion and may not be accurate.


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