The crypto market has endless opportunities to earn, from Play-to-Earn to Move-to-Earn, bringing new sources of income to users. Let's learn about some of the income sources that the Coin98 Super App offers in this article.

Why should you earn on the Coin98 Super App?

When using the Coin98 Super App, you have access to the following benefits:

  • Multi-chain asset storage and transaction, all in one application: Coin98 Super App allows storing multiple assets on different networks. In addition, the app is equipped with a decentralized exchange that optimizes transactions right on the application, easily converting the necessary assets for every event.
  • Complementary ecosystem for related events: Features on the Coin98 Super App such as Vault, X-Point Conversion,... support each other. Interacting and receiving rewards after the event will be much easier.
  • Numerous events with huge rewards: Events that require users to interact through the Coin98 Super App are regularly held, usually once or twice a week.
  • Instant customer service: Since additional features for events will be integrated right in the product, when you have any questions, the customer service team is always ready to assist.

To use the Coin98 Super App, you need to download and install the product on mobile devices through the following links:

After registering an account on the Coin98 Super App, you can create a Multichain wallet for convenient asset storage and transaction.

5 ways to earn on Coin98 Super App


The X-Point system brings great benefits on the Coin98 Super App, as you can convert X-points, earned through trading and referring friends, to C98. Using the referrals alone should earn you decent passive income.

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The X-point conversion feature

In addition, events that require using Native Swap also offer opportunities to earn more than what you spend. Combining these should bring you the profit from price differences, event gifts and C98 through converting X-points.

C98 Staking

Once you have at least 1,000 C98, you can optimize profits through the Staking feature on the Coin98 Super App. Depending on the volume and staking duration, you can get up to 12% APR through Staking C98 directly on the Coin98 Super App.

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Faucet for devnet and testnet

The Faucet feature is the key to earning with little to no funds through devnet and testnet events. Coin98 Super App currently supports 5 blockchains, including BNB Chain, Ethereum, Solana, Aptos and Sui.

The APT testnet token faucet

DApp Browser for farming, lending, staking

The DApp Browser has supported nearly 20 blockchains with numerous projects, allowing access to any of their events on the Coin98 Super App. Same goes for Baryon and Saros, which require access through the DApp Browser for trading contests.

The integrated products and projects are diverse. You can stake, farm, lend-borrow or manage assets on different networks with the DApp Browser.

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The DApp Browser

Keep track of and participate in Coin98 Super App’s events

On national and international holidays, the Coin98 team usually holds events on the Coin98 Super App. With a small fund and some luck, users can earn great profits participating in these events. Some of the most well-known events that brought massive profits are: Finding Luck, Coin98 Carnival, etc.

Tips for earning on the Coin98 Super App

Avoid confusion when accessing features

The Coin98 Super App currently has many different features, therefore, new users may get confused trying to figure them out. You can read the step-by-step guide for every feature on Coin98’s website to learn more about them.

Different features of the Coin98 Super App

Prepare some gas fee

Gas fee is a crucial part for every transaction on the Coin98 Super App, and you must transfer coins from exchanges to the wallet on the correct blockchain. Many users have missed their chances due to not having enough gas fees.

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Double check the wallet address and its blockchain

The consequences of transferring assets to the wrong wallet address or blockchain can be massive, and the success rate of retrieving assets in these cases is only 10-20%. Therefore, you must always double check the wallet address and its network before transferring assets from an exchange, or to your friends, to avoid huge losses.

Price impact

Price impact is an important element to pay attention to when trading. You must  always be aware of the exchange rate of the chosen trading pair, and read the confirmation carefully to prevent encountering a high price impact.

Be aware of scammers

The crypto market has numerous scammers waiting for users to make mistakes to get to their assets. Aside from protecting your passphrases and private keys, you should join Coin98’s official channels for authentic assistance and information. Always remember, Coin98 admins will never contact you first.

For questions that need more detailed and meticulous support regarding earning on the Coin98 Super App, you can reach the customer service team through the Live Chat feature right on the app.

Do not interact with strange tokens

Occasionally, there will be strange tokens appearing out of nowhere, and you should just ignore them or use the Hide Token feature on the Coin98 Super App in these cases. Interacting with strange tokens will increase the rate of hackers stealing your assets.

Subscribe to Coin98's channels

There have been events that only have enough rewards for early participants, so the best way is to be an early bird by following the official Coin98 channels to get notified of the upcoming events.


Is the Coin98 Super App safe?

Each wallet created on the Coin98 Super App will have a separate passphrase and private key. Users can safely store their assets by not revealing these two special keys to anyone.

The Coin98 Super App also has the Cloud Sync and Passphrase Recover features to help preserve and recover passphrases.

Is there any fee when using the Coin98 Super App?

Downloading and experiencing the Coin98 Super App is absolutely free. Trading or interacting with certain features will require some gas fees depending on the network, and the app always requires users to reconfirm before making the transaction.

What should I do when transferring assets to the wrong blockchain?

You need to contact the customer service team immediately and provide as much information as possible. Successful retrieves are all on EVM blockchains.


There are countless ways to make profits with the Coin98 Super App. What you should also do is follow Coin98’s articles and channels closely so as to not miss out on any opportunities to earn with the Coin98 Super App.

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