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What is Coin98 Super App? The #1 crypto super-app

Coin98 Super App is a crypto everything app, where your trading experience and DeFi services exploration are defined to the optimal level.
Published Mar 01 2022
Updated Oct 02 2023
11 min read

Coin98 Super App - a common super app containing all crypto services and is the gateway of DeFi & Web3. This blog will help you understand more clearly about Coin98 Super App and how to use the app from A to Z.

What is Coin98 Super App? 

Coin98 Super App is the #1 crypto super app designed to connect one billion users to the safe and secure crypto world. Through the Super App, Coin98 provides users with a comprehensive and trusted ecosystem with globally needed services, including:

  • Non-custodial multi-chain wallet that stores NFTs & cryptocurrencies.
  • Native swap.
  • Cross-chain Bridge & DApp Browser.
  • A powerful Terminal.
  • Attractive rewards programs, gifts & events and other activities.

How to use Coin98 Super App simply

Download or update Coin98 Super App.

Sign up for a Coin98 Super App account

After successfully installing Coin98 Super App, you can choose the language you want.

After successfully choosing a language on Coin98 Super App, you can create a multi-chain wallet to manage assets in multiple blockchains at the same time with just a single passphrase, extremely simple and convenient.

However, to improve the experience on the application as well as provide users with special customer care and membership programs, Coin98 Super App still has the option to register / log in by email in the Account tab. The use of email is optional and this email exists independently of the assets.

In order to participate in X-point/get the ref ID code of Coin98 Super App, you must register or log in to an account on Coin98 Super App. 

Step 1: Open Coin98 Super App, click on the Account icon in the upper left corner of the screen.

Step 2: Enter your Email, read through Coin98's Terms of Service, if you agree, select Continue.

Step 3: Move the puzzle piece to a suitable position for Captcha validation.

Step 4: Enter the email verification code sent to the email you just registered (Email verification code) and enter the Referral code if available, then select Verify.

Step 5: Enter personal information as required:

  • Username.
  • Display name. 
  • Password.
  • Confirm password. 

Select Enjoy and you have successfully registered an account on Coin98 Super App.

Note: Username is unique in the system, there can never be 2 accounts with the same name.

Login account on Coin98 Super App

 Step 1: Open Coin98 Super App, click on the Account icon in the upper left corner of the screen.

Step 2: Enter your Email, read through Coin98's Terms of Service, if you agree, select Continue. (Login with phone number only applies to accounts registered in the previous version of Coin98 Super App).

Step 3: Complete Captcha validation: drag the puzzle piece to the correct position of the picture.

Account security settings

Security PIN and Face ID are an additional layer of protection for your assets on Coin98 Super App. Although a PIN or Face ID setting is not required, you should have it to help keep your assets more secure.

Security PIN or Face ID after being set will be required in the following cases:

There is a request to withdraw money from the wallet. It is required to see the Private Key and Passphrase of the wallet.

Step 1: Open the Coin98 application, select More ⇒ scroll down and select Settings.

Step 2: Select Privacy Protection.

Step 3: At this screen, users can choose to install PIN Code and FaceID.

KYC on Coin98 Super App (optional)

Coin98 Super App has launched Coin98 KYC, a prerequisite process to prepare for the upcoming key product. You can now verify personal information directly through Coin98 Super App and wait for the latest announcement.

KYC stands for "Know Your Customer". KYC is used to verify the identity of your service users. This is the process of collecting accurate information from users of your service to identify who they are according to legal standards.

Read more: How to KYC on Coin98 Super App

Outstanding Features on Coin98 Super App

Fast money transfer, manage multiple assets with high security

Coin98 Super App provides users with a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet service used for digital asset storage, management, multi-chain, multi-source NFT.

The Wallet feature currently supports over 50+ blockchains including Bitcoin, Ethereum, TomoChain, Tron, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Polkadot, Kusama, HECO Chain, Near, Avalanche X-Chain & C-Chain, Binance Chain, Celo, BandChain, Kava, Terra, Cosmos, ThorChain, Fantom, Polygon, Persistence, xDai Chain, Ronin, KardiaChain and dozens of other custom networks.

Read More: Instructions for using Wallet on Coin98 Super App

Multi-send feature allows sending tokens to multiple wallets at the same time

Multi-send on Coin98 Super App is a feature to send coins/token in custom quantities to multiple wallet addresses at the same time with just one action.

Currently, the multi-send feature of Coin98 Extension, which has been available since version 3.3, is available for Ethereum and ERC20 tokens. Coin98 Super App has also integrated multi-send on Binance Smart Chain that allows sending BNB and BEP20 tokens to many different wallet addresses.

Adding Custom Network and Custom Token

Coin98 Super App with Custom Token feature allows customizing token configuration, helping users to actively add new tokens to the app, thereby making it more convenient for price tracking and asset management. If you are someone who likes to hunt for emerging multi-system coins, you can't ignore this Custom Token feature!

  • First, to add any token, you need to determine which blockchain the token belongs to. Then simply create or restore that blockchain's wallet. If there is a balance in your wallet, that token will appear in your list of assets.
  • Users need to select Blockchain and enter the Contract Address of the coin they want to add to the wallet. The remaining parameters will be automatically updated after the user enters the correct contract address.
  • With the Custom Network feature on Coin98 Super App, users can actively access and manipulate Layer-2 and Sidechain quickly.

A special feature of the Super App is that it allows you to add an unlimited number of Custom Networks on Coin98 Super App. In addition, the latest version has built-in support for up to 37+ Custom Networks for testnet and mainnet without having to enter complicated information.

Follow the market with the Markets feature

Coin98 Market is a feature that allows users to have an overview of the market and the tokens that users are interested in.

Besides the Market Cap rate of the top coins (BTC, ETH), the long / short ratio on the market you can quickly access the following features:

  • Convert coin: Native swap feature, trade directly on Coin98 Super App.
  • Compare coin: Compare coins with each other (coming soon).
  • Calendar lockup: Look up events taking place in the crypto world. You can look up by coin name, by time or add events to the calendar.
  • Blockchain explorer: Look up transaction-related information on the respective blockchain scanners (details you can see below).

In addition, you can view news for each specific coin when selecting on the icon (1) and customize the widgets on this interface when selecting the Settings icon (2).

Trade directly on your phone with optimal gas fees

Since Coin98 Super App version 8.0, you can swap coins/tokens directly at leading AMMs in various blockchains without having to go through the usual steps of connecting wallets, searching for coins/tokens as usual. .

There are 2 options for you to access the Coin98 Super App Swap interface:

Option 1

Step 1: Open Coin98 Super App in the wallet interface, select the Token you want to Swap. For example, choose C98.

Step 2: At the screen of the selected Token, select Swap.

Option 2

Step 1: At the main screen of Coin98 Super App, select Swap.

Step 2: Select the AMM you want to trade. For example, choose PancakeSwap.

  • Gas fee on Coin98 Super App has been optimized for users to make quick transactions with the most reasonable cost. There is also a gas fee bar to help you adjust the gas fee, to hunt for hot coins, you just need to pull max gas to save the fastest slot.
  • Slippage is one of the common causes of swap failures. You can trade with the default slippage on the wallet (2%), or customize it higher to ensure the highest success rate.


  • In addition to the network fee and the fee for LP, Coin98 Native Swap will charge a fee of 0.8% on the token swap for each transaction (except for Solana AMMs). This fee will be used for buying back C98 and supporting the continuous development of making Coin98 better in the future.
  • You need to prepare a small amount of father coin on the blockchain and the corresponding wallet to do the swap, otherwise the transaction will fail.
  • The arrow in the middle has the function of changing buy and sell positions, you need to pay attention to check carefully to not place the wrong order.

After the Swap is successful, users can return to the main screen to check the traded tokens or check right at Trade History in the trading interface.

SpaceGate Cross-Chain Bridge Enables Token Network Switching

Dubbed a technology that can “make blockchains connect” that allows users to convert tokens between two blockchains conveniently and easily. SpaceGate Cross-Chain Bridge on Coin98 Super App is originally built as an aggregator, integrating various bridges on the market, such as WormHole, and Avalanche Bridge.

The goal of the SpaceGate Cross-Chain Bridge is to support as many blockchains and tokens as possible. Users can now exchange tokens between the following networks:

  • Ethereum (ETH & ERC20) <> Solana (SOL & SPL).
  • Avalanche X-Chain <> Avalanche C-Chain.
  • Ethereum <> Arbitrum.
  • Ethereum <> Optimism.
  • Ethereum <> Boba Network.

Web3 Dapp Browser - A treasure of cross-platform DeFi services

DApp Browser is integrated right into Coin98 Super App from version 8.6. Just a simple operation of selecting the "Browser" button on the main screen, you will quickly access a DApp "treasure" smoothly and without interruption.

From version 10.1.0, Coin98 Super App brings users a completely special DApp Browser experience:

  • Favorite Dapps (List of Favorite DApps): Users are free to add their favorite DApps to their own list and can find them again easily.
  • Dapp search bar: Besides the option to search by URL, users can also search by the name of the DApp you want to use. In addition, Coin98 Mobile Wallet organizes DApps by categories, users can search for their favorite DApps according to the following main categories:
  • By Blockchain Support: Multi-chain, Ethereum, BNB Chain, HECO Chain, Solana, Avalanche (C-Chain), Polygon (Matic), Fantom, TomoChain, Terra, OKExChain, GateChain, xDAI Chain, Klaytn, KardiaChain, Celo, ...
  • By featured DApp being the most searched by users.
  • By DeFi service that DApp provides: Finance, Exchange, Farm and Stake, Game.

Buy crypto with fiat (Fiat) right on Coin98 Super App

With the goal of helping users to access DeFi with just one application, Coin98 integrates MoonPay, allowing users to directly buy cryptocurrency on Coin98 with a credit card.

When making transactions through MoonPay on Coin98, the user experience is enhanced by transparency & time saving.

Through this integration with core multi-chain technology, native trading features and Web3 browser, Coin98 opens the door for millions of new users to experience DeFi in the easiest way, realizing the goal of DeFi: connectivity for everyone.

Read more: How  to buy coins/tokens with fiat money via MoonPay on Coin98

Support hardware wallets connection

Coin98 supports users to connect to prominent hardware wallets on the market: Ledger NanoS / NanoX, Trezor, connects to Ledger by bluetooth on iOS to improve and ensure the security of user assets.

Ledger Nano S/X are known as a device created for the purpose of storing and protecting private keys without using the internet continuously, allowing users to Rest assured to use the products on the market safely.

Read more: How to connect Nano S and Nano X wallets on Coin98 Super App.

Terminal toolkit with many convenient features for users

With the Terminal toolkit on Coin98 Super App, users can:

  • Claim token from Coin98 Vault: Users can quickly and easily receive rewards or recurring payments using this feature, while project owners can automate token allocation and More activities will be implemented through Vault in the near future.
  • Check transaction status with Blockchain Explorers: Allows users to access Block Explorers and check transaction related information on specific blockchain and wallet addresses, including transaction amount, source and the destination of the money as well as the status of the transaction.
  • Issue your own token on your favorite blockchain with Token Issuer: This is a completely free feature, users only need to pay network fees and instantly own their own personal token without understanding. know about programming.
  • Issuing your favorite NFTs with NFT Issuer: The NFT issuance process will be simpler than ever, requiring no extensive knowledge of the cryptocurrency or blockchain technology. You just need to prepare the network gas fee, upload your work and let Coin98 Super App take care of the rest.
  • Connect exchange accounts to Coin98 Super App: Coin98 Super App currently supports linking portfolios with 9 exchanges, including FTX, Binance, Huobi, OKEx, KuCoin, Bibox, Bittrex, Poloniex and Bitfinex.
  • Create unlimited portfolio: Coin98 does not limit the number of Portfolios, so you can create multiple portfolios to manage many different investments, thereby easily tracking your assets.

Programs and events to earn attractive rewards right in the app

Coin98 Super App is a place where users can find all opportunities to earn rewards, optimize assets: Coin98 Staking, X-point, Coin98 Partner, Starship (coming soon) and in-app activities, events with the most attractive prizes.

X-Points Bonus

When you accumulate a sufficient amount of X-Points, you can use them to:

  1. Join Coin98 Partner program to earn more passive income.
  2. Own the special benefits that Coin98 Super App offers.
  3. Experience exciting "games" right in the app using X-Point with attractive prizes - an indispensable “spice” in using Coin98 Super App.

Coin98 Staking Program

Considered as one of the optimal options for users to earn more passive income without worrying too much of the impermanent loss risk, staking C98 is a quick and effective investment method to earn extra income (C98) even while you are sleeping.

Depending on the user's staking purpose, Coin98 Staking offers a fixed interest rate. Users can choose three separate staking packages corresponding to different staking times and number of tokens staked.

Read more: Instructions for staking C98 on Coin98 Staking


Always putting the benefit of users on top, Coin98 Super App is one of the crypto super app that provides full utilities for users in the market. What are you waiting for, download Coin98 Super App and experience it right away!

If you have any questions or problems that have not been answered here, please join Live Chat Support for support. Coin98 team will support you 24/7 and help you avoid being scammed.