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List of potential retroactive airdrop projects

Retroactive airdrop can considerably leverage your investment for the best return. This is list of potential retroactive airdrop projects.
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Published Feb 21 2021
Updated May 05 2024
potential retroactive airdrop

Tips for Scanning/Hunting Retroactive Airdrop

Retroactive is the airdrop rewards that projects distribute to their early adopters who interacted with their products at a specific time. Everyone loves free tokens that are distributed by the projects. There are now lots of methods to earn these free tokens, for example, we can retweet, follow social media, give feedback, etc.

To see how Retroactive can change your position and how to find potential projects that will distribute Retroactive Airdrop rewards, you can refer to this article below.

Scanning Retroactive Airdrop is for beginners (newcomers) who haven’t received any airdrop before. The information of potential retroactive airdrops is often shared by other crypto enthusiasts who have experience in the crypto space.

Hunting Retroactive Airdrop is for ones who have more experience of actively looking for potential projects. Potential airdrops are sorted into categories such as AMM DEX, Lending/Borrowing, Oracle, Infrastructure projects, etc. Airdrop hunters can sense the cash flow into which category so that they focus their resources on the right spots.

A sky full of airdrops:

Since token airdrop is the easiest and most effective way to catch the attention of the community, everyone loves receiving free tokens with the requirements as easy as pie. However, in the present, those airdrops seem to have little value (sometimes worthless) and are time-consuming.
As a result, instead of doing everything, we should focus on potential projects with high airdrop probability. And in the next sector, we will discuss potential projects and how to hunt them.

Projects with high revenue might distribute high airdrops

Currently, Decentralized Applications (Dapps) with the highest revenue are mostly built on the Ethereum blockchain since it charges lots of fundamental fees. Uniswap, dYdX, Axie Infinity, 1Inch Exchange, etc. released the massive token airdrops to their early adopters. As a result, other crypto projects with high revenue are expected to release retroactive airdrops as big as Uniswap or dYdX.

retroacitve projects high revenue

Potential projects might have retroactive airdrops

The best sign for potential Retroactive airdrop projects is that they haven’t released tokens yet. This is because most huge airdrops are from projects such as dYdX, Ref Finance, etc. Furthermore, lucky users can receive a bigger amount of the airdrop if the token announces its first debut.

Those typical projects often launch functional versions of their products such as Beta version, Alpha Testnet, Testnet, or Mainnet. Don’t hesitate to try out, they might have something big for us in the future.


Currently, there are hundreds of crypto projects which might potentially distribute retroactive airdrops to their users. As a result, in the following sectors, we will categorize them into niches. Each niche consists of similar crypto projects with a similar hunting-airdrop tutorial.

List of potential retroactive airdrop projects

Layer 2 Platform

Layer 2 is getting traction from the community after the $OP token airdrop of Optimism. The airdrop was distributed to early contributors across the Optimism ecosystem. This event created a surge among the community to hunt other potential airdrops of other Layer 2s. In addition to the token confirmation of zkSync, other L2s like Arbitrum and StarkNet are also expected to launch the same event as Optimism.

We have a complete guide on how to hunt potential token airdrops of top L2 projects. You can check this out:

AMM DEX/ Derivatives

In this AMM DEX/Derivatives category, interacting with the platform is a must. While doing so, we should take into account the following notes/metrics to have the highest chance of success:

Deposit and conduct swap/trades on the platform.
Increase the trading volume as much as possible.
Try out every available feature/product: Staking, Providing Liquidity, Yield Farming, Creating pools, etc.
Contribute to the platform.

Let’s explore some of the following crypto projects where we can hunt retroactive airdrop!

DEX Guru

DEX Guru is a decentralized exchange built on Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, and Avalanche Network. It specializes in providing a trading terminal with powerful on-chain research and analytics. Everything is in one User Interface (UI).


Sentre is a decentralized exchange on Solana that implements the liquidity protocol to solve the impermanent loss and optimize capital efficiency. Currently, the Devnet (development network) of Sen Swap and Sen Assets is available for testing. Users can test Sentre’s products for future potential SEN token airdrop.

retroactive sentre


Atrix is a DEX built on Solana that won the first prize in Solana Ignition Hackathon 2021. It uses the model of Serum to permissionlessly create liquidity pools and farms directly on the platform. Atrix successfully attracted lots of liquidity from the community since it has over $350M TVL.

retroactive atrix


Saros is a DeFi suite on Solana that is built by Coin98 Labs. Currently, SarosSwap is available for swapping SPL tokens and other products are under construction. We can swap on the platform to increase the trading volume, contributing to the development of Saros.

Learn more: How to use Saros.

01 Protocol

01 Protocol is a trading platform on Solana that focuses on everlasting trades and Binary Options. The platform has launched Devnet for months and is preparing to release the mainnet soon. 10 Protocol is similar to dYdX or Perpetual Protocol.

retroactive 01 protocol


Drift is a perpetual futures-based trading platform built on Solana that is designed to serve traders. It has released the Alpha Mainnet but it requires the Drift Alpha Ticket NFT to be eligible to access the Alpha Mainnet.



Matcha is a DEX aggregator built by 0x protocol in July 2021, focusing on improving the User Interface for the best user experience. When executing trades on the platform, it will find the best price from various DEXs such as Kyber, PancakeSwap, 0x Protocol, etc.

Learn more: How to use 0x Matcha.

retroactive matcha


Quite similar to Matcha, Zapper Finance is a DeFi aggregator built on 9 blockchains, helping users interact with other DeFi protocols easily. With the gamification mechanism, users can earn XP daily by completing tasks on the platform. The XP can be exchanged for NFTs which have value.

retroactive zapper



Polymarket is a decentralized information markets platform powered by Polygon Network, implementing blockchain technology into betting based on real-world events. The participating rule is simple and we should make a bet on the platform since Polymarket has not released its token yet.

retroactive polymarket

Hedgehog Marketsv

Similar to Polymarket, Hedgehog Markets is a decentralized platform built on Solana for real-world event predictions. We should participate in the No-Loss Competition organized by Hedgehog Markets to get the potential retroactive token airdrop.

retroactive hedgehog markets

Psy Options

Psy Options is an American-style and trustless options protocol running on the Solana blockchain platform. Each SLP token represents an Option that can be traded on other DeFi protocols if supported.

psy options airdrop


Similar to Psy Options, Opyn is a DeFi’s Options Protocol built on the Ethereum blockchain. Users can buy options on the platform. Opyn is a potential retroactive airdrop project since it has not released its token to the public.

retroactive opyn

NFT Marketplace


OpenSea is the largest NFT marketplace built on Ethereum and Polygon. The total revenue of OpenSea is over $250M and continues to grow since the NFT trend in 2021 is thriving. OpenSea users expect to receive the retroactive airdrop when OpenSea’s token is released. Therefore, we should interact with the platform by buying, selling, minting NFTs on the platform.

Learn more: How to use OpenSea.

opensea retroactive

Digital Eyes

Digital Eyes is an NFT marketplace on Solana that allows users to buy, sell, and generate NFT collections on the platform. There are popular NFT collections such as Degenerate Ape Academy, Solana Monkey Business, etc. Similar to OpenSea, the Digital Eyes platform has not released its token yet. Therefore, we should give it a try for potential retroactive airdrops.

retroactive digital eyes


Solanart is an NFT marketplace on Solana where users can buy/sell, display, and explore NFT collections on the platform. It is one of the most active NFT marketplaces in the crypto world since there are over 2,500 NFT sales daily and nearly half a million total sales.

retroactive solanart



Nomad Protocol is a gas-efficient messaging bridge that can transfer assets across blockchains. At the time of writing, it supports Ethereum, Milkomeda C1, Evmos, and Moonbeam. Nomad has not released its token yet. In May 2022, Hop Protocol released its plan to distribute a token airdrop to its contributors. Therefore, we should try out bridging some crypto assets on Nomad.


Wormhole is the token bridge that allows users to transfer their crypto assets among blockchains such as Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, and Terra. Similar to other bridges, transferring tokens among blockchains charges a humble (sometimes big) amount of fees. However, like other bridges, Wormhole is rumored to release the retroactive airdrop.

retroactive wormhole



Metamask is one of the most used crypto wallets in the crypto world. It is trusted by over 1M users worldwide. Users can buy, store, send and swap tokens with Metamask and connect with blockchain-based applications. Above all, Metamask is the most profitable wallet in the crypto world and is expected to release its token.


Argent wallet is a non-custodial Ethereum crypto wallet that facilitates users without the need for seed phrases. In April 2022, it raised $40M to accelerate the development process in a Series B funding round. In March 2022, it concluded a $12M Series A investment led by Paradigm.

If you're looking for airdrops of L2s, you might come across Argent. It is integrated with some L2s using Rollups. Akin to the expectation for Metamask, Argent is a fertile ground.

Coin98 Wallet

X-point is Coin98 Super Wallet's reward system that can be earned through various specific tasks. However, X is not a token.

From October 4, 2023, Coin98 will stop activities related to X-Point.

retroactive x point

Information sources of potential airdrop

On the internet there are some websites that regularly update the information of airdrop for users as follows:

Etherscan Airdrop: All potential airdrop on Ethereum. Airdrop scan on Twitter and Bitcoin forums. All information about hottest airdrops.
Defillama: All potential airdrops that are sorted by blockchain platforms.
Darren Lau (Lau, Lau): This Twitter often shares information about Retroactive programs. He has a Telegram channel that publishes a newsletter daily.
retroactive lau lau
All Rumor Airdrops with over 150 potential projects: A useful document in English for potential airdrop projects.


Retroactive airdrop can considerably leverage your investment for the best return but it requires putting a huge effort. Sometimes we did our best to meet the requirements for the airdrop distribution but received nothing. As a result, we can invest in potential airdrop deals that fit us the most.

“Hope for the best and prepare for the worst”

And that is all you need to know about potential retroactive airdrop projects. I hope you will gain lots of tokens airdrops to level up your portfolio.

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